Mahoshiroi: (Candent Manite)
Similar to a cleric in the eyes of most, they are slightly less focused on combat and achieve healing through a more arcane style of religious rites.

Mahokuro: (Sable Manite)
Much like a wizard in most ways, they have no spells designed for boosting or defense. They also have a slightly more religious view of arcane practices.

Mahoketsueki: (Crimson Manite, “Bloody Mage”)
Considered religious heratics by the pure blood Mahojin, they believe that all magic comes from a single source and therefore using healing and offensive spells equally well. They also have more combat prowess than other mahojin.

Summoning magical beasts or even monsters as allies in friendship rather than subjugation, they have a unique connection to earth itself and its residents.


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