Cosmology and the World

According to legend…

At the beginning of time, there were no worlds. Immeasurable creatures sailed through a sea of stars seeking the warm comfort of light to protect them from the frigid vastness of the heavens.

One such creature was a great tortoise whose name is now sadly lost to the ages. She resembled any other tortoise you’ve seen except in the way her shell was formed. It was concave, like a colossal bowl, and filled with water. She swam gently and quietly through the watery emptiness between the stars, until finally she came to rest near a bright, warm, yellowy light. There around she drifted peacefully for some time.

One day, a creature of vicious nature came upon her circle. He was twisted in form, something like a reptile and something like a beast. He had a long, wispy tail and a narrow, toothy maw at either end of a long, thick body covered by coarse hair above and soft scales below.

He was jealous of the perfect little course the tortoise had found for herself, and he tried to attack her. His long front teeth sank into the oceanic back of the tortoise and struck hard on her shell at its depths. The shell cracked just a little, but only the attacker’s teeth broke. Both wailed in pain, and the tortoise rebuked the scaly beast with a firm blow that sent him reeling back into the darkness.

Afterwards, a bit of blood seeped from the small wound in the tortoise’s shell, floating up to the surface of her waters and drying into masses of land. This is how the continents we walk were formed, and through tunnels leading up from the cracks of her shell to the top of the lands did the ancients travel here.

The ancients of the realm within the tortoise, once upon land, were changed. Over time, they evolved into the many races we now know. At some point, long ago, the tortoise’s body collapsed upon itself. She folded inward, becoming a mere sphere of water and land without voice or reason. That is another tale, however, for another time.

Cosmology and the World

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